Why I chose to have a “No Kids” Wedding

OMG! Everyone seems to be an expert on wedding etiquette. There’s seems to be a process that’s been strategically laid out by our “Nuptial godmothers”. Everything must be done in it’s proper order! Well, after about 2 weeks of extreme pressure from my family, I took a step back and my fiance and I had a real discussion about how we wanted to Our Big Day to go…afterall, we’re the ones footing the bill and the memories created on August 20th, 2016 will last us a lifetime.

I wanted a small wedding and a month long honeymoon. My family and my fiance insisted on an Over-The-Top bonanza. Well, I was outvoted and outgunned! We’ve found a HUGE venue, hired a Wedding Planner and we’re inviting 200-250 of our closest family and friends to watch us become Husband & Wife.

Making The Guestlist has been WEIRD! My mom has added 5 new people a day (including the mail-lady, her high school principle & some woman from her aerobics class)! I do understand that our families are over-the-moon with excitement, but I don’t think anyone considers that you have to feed wedding guests. The average caterer charges a minimum of $14 per guest! Once all of the associated fees are tallied, we’d be out of about $3900….almost 4 GRAND to feed our guests. Again, we reeled in the list and set some realistic boundaries. The 1st thing we decided was that it would be best not to have kids at our wedding. Aside from the expense of feeding them, I’d literally faint if I heard a crying baby as I walked down the aisle. Also, we’re taking our time and planning an Adult experience for our guests. We want to give them a chance to dress up and enjoy a night on the town on us!

I must add that I’ll become a Stepmom on my wedding day, and my future Husbands’ kids will be front and center at our nuptials! We do know that our guests will understand the significance of them being there to see their Dad and I become One and begin our own family unit.

BTW,  Tony & I have created a website specifically for families like ours. Please check it out www.BlendedandBlack.com

In order to be fair, we are providing a Sitter for Out of town guests. She will be set up in the venue and will keep the kids (age 15 and under) from beginning to end!


How do you feel about having kids at your wedding? If we share the same sentiments, feel free to screenshot the pictures below! Remember, be sure to enjoy every moment! no kids at wedding _44813654_invite_466 3897efe0a575513230fd9ab6549e3580