Things pseudo- bourgeois Black girls say and do #NewMoney

Its MONDAY & you all know what time it is!!!!

Last week we played the things “New hoteps and #NewWokeNwords Say & Do” game. Today we’re playing the “Things pseudo- bourgeois Black girls say and do- after they get a degree and start making $32K” game! #Ballin #ImRichBiotch #LookLikeSchmoney

1. They overuse the words edify, actually and not so much. LOL . Girl, we know you read some big words on a blog (not this one).
2. They buy every Rosa, Ethel and Coretta t-shirt and wear them with skinnys and their only pair of Loubs on casual Friday.
3. They get a fully UNloaded luxury car and never look back at their old college Camry they once lovingly named Betina. Basically they have the body of the new whip and the logo. Das it! Gurl…bye
4. They go natural and try to find office appropriate styles.
5. They don’t overdo Greek wear anymore because they’re “grown women”. Again. Bye
6. They tell everyone that “Ruby Wood is my go to!”
7. They let the White folk at work touch their hair.
8. They try to hide their accent and not use colloquialisms out of fear that it will make them seem “too blackish”.
9. They furnish their entire apartment from Ikea and they did it all by themselves. Then they invite other bourgeois girls over for wine and rant over the fact that they can properly spell bourgeois. #BadandBougie
10. Speaking of wine, they don’t know the good stuff yet, but they think their palates are as eclectic as an Italian sommelier.

11. They won’t date a guy named Tyrone. If in the unlikely event that it happened, they’ll shorten it to Ty.
12. Their work Screensaver is something non-offensive and safe. Like a pic of their cat, Snoodles.
13. They politely smile during water cooler conversations when their co-workers talk about OJ and Micheal Jackson’s guilt. They also still hang out with their friends that voted for Trump, because “They’re not bad people, and they have the right to their views!”

YOUR TURN! What do the new Bougie’s in your life say and do!