Miss Naja & her Bridal Party BREAK THE INTERNET

Thanks for subscribing to my blog, MissNaja.com! If you’re new here, then you’re in for a treat. If you’re a long time supporter, then welcome back! I’ve been away for a bit, but most of you know it’s because I’ve been engulfed in wedding planning! I’m having so much fun with the process (I think I’ve found a new side hustle)! I do try to share wedding details for those of you that are planning your nuptials as well, so feel free to check out my wedding blog!

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So most of you have seen the pics, called me, reposted the pics or have gone bananas in the comments section of blogs that have used our pics! Last week, I got to scratch off another thing from my Bucket List! I BECAME A MEME. Our pictures were copied, stolen, reposted over 250,000 times! I think it’s my cousin, Brittney’s coke Bottle shape or my girl Ceresia’s charming smile that garnered all of the likes, BUT the world may never know! Check out a few of the images below!

Special thanks to all of my girls for making Naja’s Bachelorette Weekend unforgettable! Holla at me on Instagram so I can follow back!!!


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I made the ladies bikini veils for our shoot! They turned out fantastic!
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My soon-to-be Sister-in-law, Brittney is a yoga enthusiast, so she came up with this pose. At first we were all pretty reluctant to do it, but I’m glad we tried it. This shot came out HOT!! Check out all of her amazing poses here

Bachelorette weekend EDIT IMG_5973 Bachelorette weekend Bachelorette weekend