List of ALL the Little things you don’t wanna forget on your wedding day

wedding day essential

I keep a working list of everything that I can even fathom that I’ll need for the Wedding. I do have a Planner, and she’s the BOMB so all of these things are arranged…but me being me, I like to make sure all my bases are covered. I wanted to share my list with you all because I know it may help someone! This is my own personal working list, so I’ll be updating it from time to time. By all means, please comment and add suggestions. And don’t forget to check out our Wedding Website!


Pre- Ceremony & Ceremony

  • marriage license
  • Give Master of Ceremony Run of Show
  • Aisle Runner
  • Broom for jumping the broom
  • Unity Candle
  • Lighter for Unity candle
  • flower girl basket and the petals
  • Ring Bearers pillow
  • Give Planner list of Vendor contact numbers. Better yet, make a WEDDING BINDER
  • Give Photographer & Videographer a shot list
  • Send the DJ the Song list
  • Arrange Limo
  • Prepare and Book Wedding Night hotel suite
  • Checkbook and prepared checks
  • Brides Bouquet
  • Ring Pillow
  • Bridesmaids Bouquets
  • Assign person to take all of your extra items home
  • Assign a photo wrangler to stay with photographer (someone that knows the family)
  • Design and Print wedding programs
  • Assign Ushers
  • Assign a point person to keep your phone
  • Pre-write and address Thank you cards. Mail them!
  • Design & Print Custom Signs. Rent easel or Photo Stand
  • Design very visible posters to share your social media hashtag (tables, bathroom, hanging on walls)
  • 2nd bouquet for tossing

Cocktail Hour

  • Wishing Well/ card box
  • Stationary for guests to leave Love Letters for Bride/Groom
  • Assign person responsible for keeping Cards/ Gifts
  • Guest Book & pen for guest book
  • Step & Repeat (backdrop) for guests to take photos
  • Set up Cocktail area & provide chairs
  • Arrange music/DJ
  • Find out when sun sets to capture “Golden Hour” photos. The sun sets in Memphis at 7:42pm on our wedding day
  • Display Reception Seating Arrangements for guests


  • Flip flops
  • Disposable cameras for each table
  • Place Numbers on Table
  • fog machine
  • Decide if you want a Receiving Line. This makes it easy to have a few moments with each guest

Kids Room

  • List of parents cell phone numbers
  • food for kids
  • games for kids

Bridal Dressing Room

  • Bridesmaids robes
  • extra underwear
  • Gift bags for bridesmaids
  • mints/gum, snacks for when you are getting ready
  • bottled water/ champagne
  • small plastic plates, cups
  • tall mirrors and magnified makeup mirrors
  • extra lighting
  • Ginger ale for nervous stomachs
  • bag for wedding dress & decorative hanger for wedding dress
  • garter
  • Something old, new, borrowed & blue


Groom’s Dressing Room

  • extra underwear
  • iron and ironing board
  • tall mirror
  • gift bags from groomsmen
  • Ginger ale for nervous stomachs
  • Bottle of bourbon and glasses
  • bow ties
  • lint brush