Tasty ways to eat LIVER and boost Iron for Fibroid and anemia sufferers

Periods suck! Right?! I don’t know many women that actually enjoy “their time of the month”. Aside from the discomfort, mood changes, bloating and pimples some of us experience LOW ENERGY due to the significant blood loss during our menses. Whether your period is light, average or heavy, your Iron levels are prone to decrease during this time.

Iron is SO important to your body, yet it’s something you don’t miss until it’s gone! Many women that suffer from fibroids experience heavier than normal periods that result in iron depletion, an illness known as anemia. Uterine fibroids – noncancerous tumors that grow on or in the muscle of the uterus – affect 20-40% of women by the time they are in their 40s. But African-American women are three times more likely to have fibroids and the tumors can set in even earlier in life. If you suffer from fibroids, but they do not affect your daily life, then you simply have to find ways to minimize menstrual pain and maintain your Iron levels. Whether you have or have not been affected by fibroids, but you notice a decrease in energy, a pulsating in your head, shortness of breath and/or an increased heart rate, you may want to INCREASE YOUR IRON INTAKE.

Aside from Iron pills, which may cause constipation and nausea, you can give your body the boost it needs with some good ole LIVER! Now, I know you’re probably repulsed. Liver is dreadful. The texture is wormy, the taste is horrible. BUT, it’s been proven that the most efficient and fastest way to get Iron back into you body is through (calf or beef) liver. Sorry vegans and vegetarians, but it takes a long time for your body to absorb iron through non-meat products. And the supplements and vegetables that provide iron are NOT the best source. You must ask yourself, is my overall health worth sticking to my veggie diet? Liver is nature’s most potent SUPERFOOD.

Sidenote: Vitamin C and B12 are also linked to Iron absorption, so when consulting your doctor about your Iron levels, have them to make sure your Vitamin C and B12 levels are normal. Also, be sure to drink Orange juice with your chosen form of Iron, it’s a great source of Vitamin C!

Now back to LIVER! I have tried to prepare liver and onions in 50 different ways, but nothing makes it delicious. Liver has always been something I tolerate because it just makes my entire life better! But today, while force feeding myself a bloody piece of rightly seasoned calf liver, I said ENOUGH!!! I looked in my refrigerator to see if I could concoct anything to not only make the liver edible but enjoyable. I FOUND IT!  I pulled out 2 lbs of ground beef and began to ground my fresh liver. I seasoned it, chopped some onions and made a liver and ground beef patty! It was SOOOOO good! The liver taste was faint and barely there….and the best part is, I still got my daily serving of Iron!

Enjoy your Saturday and enjoy your Liver & Beef Patty! Let’s High 5 to High Iron!

Miss Naja


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