10 Things you should be scratching off your To Do List THIS WEEK!

Every Monday, I convert last week’s incomplete to-do list to the current week. I’m happy to say that, for the most part, I only carry over about 3 unfinished tasks. As I was compiling my lists, however, I noticed a major problem. There were some things that lagged way too long on my list. Thankfully, time has been gracious to me and my undone things did’t derail my entire life. If you’re reading this, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, put these things at the top of your To-Do-List! Let’s collectively set a goal to knock em out by the end of this week!

Delete your old tweets

Let’s consider if our wildest dreams come true and we become rich and famous! Then the inevitable happens…and the public begins to go through your old tweets. We’ve seen it happen to Trevor Noah when he was plucked from obscurity and given a major platform. Daily Trump’s old tweets are dug up and make him look even more hypocritical than he already is. Business professionals, educators and everyday citizens are being affected by tweets that they penned YEARS AGO. Don’t let this be you! Use THIS app to delete old tweets in bulk. Thank me later!


Buy a 1TB external hard drive and backup everything NOW!

I had a nightmare last night that my hard drive crashed….and along with it, went my entire life, my hopes and dreams! If this has happened to you before, you know the stages of grief after having a hard drive crash. It’s not pretty. A few months ago, I had the same dream, so I bought an indestructible hard drive as a backup. Sadly, it was not until this morning when I woke up in a cold sweat that I actually pulled it out and began the backup process. PLEASE PLEASE handle this today folks.

Call your Grandma

Not bragging, but I call my Grandma every Sunday. We’re close. We have these awesomely, priceless conversations that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Grandma’s are like human teddy bears that bake you cookies (or chitterlings depending on where you’re from).

Send your Dad/Mum or other loved one a handwritten card/note/letter

You can pen a handwritten letter on the way to work or in your free time and it would mean the friggin’ world to the parental units. And ya know what, it would make you feel all warm on the inside too. Much like Grandma’s cookies!

Trademark your Brand

This is one of those things that you don’t ultimately regret not handling until it’s too late. Usually some sort of copyright infringement or claim has happened and the precious brand that you’ve spent years building has been stolen from right underneath you and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Make all of your social media names the same

The luxury of social media has literally put everything at our fingertips so it’s made us a little lazy. If at all possible (make it possible), make your social media names the same across the board. Even recognizable brands have continuity! I’m @MissNajaDotCom everywhere!

Reach out to atleast 2 colleagues per week

Networking is a great thing! But, we all know people that only contact us when they want something. Don’t be that guy. Forge and facilitate genuine bonds that seamlessly make way for collaborative opportunities.

Go to the gym

For the love of God, work out! Many of us are hustling for hours on end, and sitting on our rear-ends. Circulation slows down and fat settles. Fight it! Fight the good fight!

Start some sort of detox

Same as above, except we need to focus on cleansing out all of the caffeine, lack of sleep, crappy fast food that we consume while getting our hustle on. I do a liver detox every few months and that keeps me filtered!

Update the spam filter on your blog

Be sure your Wordfence or whatever spam blocker you use is working properly! Last week my site crashed for a whole day and had to be back dated because of a virus. I’m very careful to watch for any sort of weirdness!


I hope this helps someone out there! Ok, back to work…